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Checklist & quick practical Help

'The less you have to spend for things you need, the more you can spend for what you want.'

'Short and sweet' or  in german called 'short' and 'crisp'

Following our actual possibilities with our partners for you, to get advantages with needed services,
sequenced  according to meaningful sequence:

Mobile Communication & Internet

Telecommunications Contract


1. flatrate telephony into every german networks, super cheap deals starting at just 5,00 €.
2. no roaming charges in EU countries
3. compatibility of other services like two-factor authentication (2FA)
4. very good network coverage and quality
5. flexible contract periods
6. easy credit management

best in Germany aviable D1-network of parent company Telekom

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Health Insurance

Satutory Health Insurance (GKV)


fundamentally sufficient possibility for legally obligatory health care and preventive coverage

Private Health Insurance (PKV)
optional, complicated and consequential

one of the major public health insurance company with special rates and benefits for students
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actually not supportet


Bank Account

comdirect (onlinebanking)

1. simple debit payment (e.g. rent and utilities)
2. Easier access to basic living services and financial products
3. student-specific offers and fee-free banking
4. payment for part-time jobs
5. debit card for everyday purchases with lower fees
6. online banking for easy financial management
7. Security against loss of cash
.... you will be surely able to find more advantages

smart banking in the big german cash group with several sub-accounts and securities account, free of charge for students
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Home & Living

Recommended Contracts

Various Providers

1. Internet connectivity and electricity for your shared apartment or single household.
2. Financial protection to cover unexpected damages or liabilities.
And more...

individual needs vs. various possibilities

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